Offshore Wind Energy - Operations and Maintenance Facility

Clean Energy Wind
Continues to Develop in New York

New York, a national leader in clean energy policy, is in development of 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy, enough to power up to 6 million homes!

From initial marine cable route surveys to support in the creation of tower base fabrication, component staging, and operations & maintenance (O&M) facilities, McLaren’s marine and survey teams have been working throughout the Northeast to help bring this renewable green energy source to reality.

For one of the area’s largest offshore wind projects, our team investigated several port locations to serve as proposed O&M sites. Assessing with respect to navigational accessibility, environmental constraints, and existing infrastructure, we evaluated for operational needs, flexibility, and life-cycle costs. Prime consideration was placed on the feasibility of berthing and operational support for the necessary crew transfer vessels, surface effect ships, and service operation vessels.

Based on the findings, a strategically positioned port site on Long Island was chosen for which our team provided concept design and Environmental Permit application submissions.