Light Gage Metal Framing
(LGMF) Design

McLaren has been providing structural engineering design services for light gage metal framing / pre-fabricated cold-formed metal panel wall projects of every size, shape, scope and complexity around the country. From EOR (engineer of record) permit drawings to shop drawings and calculations, our experts understand that structural system selection should respond to the needs of the architectural design rather than creating limitations to the architecture.

Knowing each floor system has its respective strengths depending upon the desired architectural vision and interior design, we provide selection support that works in conjunction with the architecture to keep aesthetics in line and costs consistent.

Featured Project
1900 Arch Street – Light Gage Metal Framing

Philadelphia, PA
14-Story (13 over steel podium)
300 Units
8” Comslab Floor System

Light Gage Metal Framing Design
Projects + News

MC Hotel Boutique Marriott Property

The MC Hotel

Montclair, NJ

  • 9-Story (6 over steel podium)
  • 228 Units
  • 8” Comslab Floor Joist System

Light Gage Steel - The Smyth

The Smyth

Stamford, CT

  • 17-Story (12 over 5 concrete)
  • 500,00 GSF
  • 14” Deep Ecospan Composite Joist Floor

Teacher Village Light Gage Metal Framing Design

Teacher’s Village Workforce Housing

Newark, NJ

  • Three 6-Story Buildings
  • 200,000 GSF
  • 14” K-Series Joist Floor System

Port Imperial Building Light Gage Metal Framing Design

Port Imperial Building A

Weehawken, NJ

  • 9-Story (7 over steel podium)
  • 660,000 GSF
  • 12” Mcmanus Composite Joist Floor System