WWE Studio Fit-Out

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has recently tripled its space on Hamilton Avenue in Stamford, CT. For the past 19 years, they have run production operations from the space and now have 40,000 additional square feet to provide workspace suited to its growing and evolving enterprise.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren Engineering Group used light gage metal framing on this production studio fit-out creating conference rooms, common spaces, production studios and high-end offices. This allowed for the creation of walls, door framing and ceiling — without connecting directly to the roof and causing additional loading on the sensitive structure.

By providing acoustical isolations for the production studio fit-out, WWE was able to expand its television facilities already in place — creating an acoustically isolated box within the building. McLaren engineered the acoustical “box” structure, including the perimeter walls, floating floor and the isolated ceiling structure. The lighting pile grid suspended from the ceiling structure was also engineered and the base building structure, that supports the loads imparted by the new studio, was reviewed.

By working with the Architect and taking the long-term uses of the studio and the adjoining space into consideration, McLaren was able to come up with the best studio framing layout. Structural analysis, structural engineering, erection drawings and construction administration were all provided for the expansion. Different concepts were explored during the initial phases to determine cost-effective options for additional MEP equipment that worked best for the space. McLaren also engineered the reinforcement for WWE’s front entrance and concrete pad and surrounding retaining wall outside to support the new mechanical units.