Greenpoint Landing Pedestrian Bridge Construction

Greenpoint Landing is in one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant neighborhoods, bringing new housing, acres of open space, a new public school, and local shops along a half-mile stretch of New York City’s East River waterfront. Over the next ten years, approximately 5,500 residential units – including affordable housing – will be constructed at Greenpoint Landing.

McLaren Engineering Group’s Construction Engineering Team was engaged by Orange County Ironworks, LLC to provide services for the amenity pedestrian bridge truss framing at Eagle + West. Included services for the truss erection means and methods, rigging design of the large truss members, steel connection design, and structural and vibration analysis of the steel-framed amenity stair.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren utilized SAP2000 and its built-in staged construction modeling to review the pedestrian bridge truss members at every stage of erection. Truss beams, girders, and braces were installed in a strategic order to ensure the overall framing was adequately supported to withstand the self-weight of the erected steel, construction live loading, and wind loading during each stage of erection. Truss brace members weighing over 5,000 pounds each were supported locally by bracing while the connections were installed.

The bottom truss chords were engaged as independent girders during erection, supporting the weight of the steel above as it was installed. McLaren provided shoring where necessary to ensure the locked in loads, stresses, and deflections occurred during erection leave an adequate amount of member capacity for final condition loading. The staged construction modeling was utilized to design the multi-floor shoring tower and provide the Engineer of Record with loads imposed on the supporting slabs during erection.

A Greenpoint Landing Project

McLaren’s large variety of construction engineering services and experience proved valuable in the erection and assembly of this prominent structure. McLaren’s services for the Greenpoint Landing Complex also extend to the waterfront. Working with Brookfield Properties and Park Tower Group, McLaren has provided marine engineering services for the waterfront development’s esplanade built with an emphasis on resiliency and drainage, including design of the waterfront’s new bulkhead, platforms and slabs.

Award Winner. In 2023 Eagle + West won the Big Apple Brownfield Award for Open Space by New York City Brownfield Partnership. It was chosen for its for its remarkable and valuable open space features and community contribution.