Flower Atlas – Miya Ando Artwork Rigging

Interdisciplinary artist Miya Ando reimagines the year 2023 as a collection of 365 signature flowers blooming each day around the world. Her exhibition, Flower Atlas, commissioned by Arts Brookfield, showcases 72 cloth banners representing the 72 phenological seasons of the Japanese Kõ calendar. The banners hang in the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place New York, creating a visual feast that allows viewers to connect with the ephemeral nature of time and the interconnectedness of living systems. Ando’s work, using various materials and techniques, captures the fleeting phenomena of nature and explores the concept of transience.

Engineering Artwork

McLaren’s entertainment team worked to engineer the rigging and truss support for the suspension of the individual artwork elements to safely soar above visitors.

New York, NY
Year Completed
Brookfield Properties Corporation