Domino Park Industrial Open Space Redevelopment

McLaren Engineering Group provided marine engineering services to facilitate the industrial open space redevelopment of the former Domino Sugar Refinery site in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, by designing the reconstruction of the existing platform and bulkhead for this WEDG certified project. Proposed changes at the historic site included construction of several high-rise residential and commercial buildings and the addition of five acres of green open space. This area will eventually incorporate revitalized sugar silos, gantry cranes and the refinery building to preserve its history. The existing site consisted of timber pile-supported wharf, extending approximately 1,250 feet along the East River. A historic bulkhead extends along the entire length of the wharf and is comprised of several segments of differing construction.

Domino Park Redevelopment

McLaren’s consulting made the difference on this industrial open space redevelopment project. The firm determined that the existing platform would have to be demolished and rebuilt, but sections of the existing historical bulkhead could be repaired. McLaren also incorporated a new precast concrete gravity system into the design. This construction method resulted in significant savings to the owner. The new platform, designed by McLaren, now supports a public park that is incorporated into the planned upland development.

McLaren performed a thorough condition assessment of the existing bulkhead construction using its in-house Professional Engineer certified divers who further developed a number of alternatives. Additionally, McLaren performed a hydrographic survey of the area surrounding the existing platform to establish mudline elevations that were used during the permitting process and the reconstruction of the platform.