Caven Point Marine Terminal Design-Build

McLaren Engineering Group provided engineering services to complete the design of new resilient facilities at the United States Army Corps of Engineers – Caven Point Marine Terminal in Jersey City, NJ. McLaren completed the engineering design for a boat maintenance area, pump control house, warehouse storage, guard booth, boat house, boat ramp, floating dock, paint locker and other support locations. Mostly destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, the new resilient design-build property features building flood protection and several other unique features described on USACE’s website.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren’s long history of working on design-build projects and important pier and marine complexes ensured the design of a functional, aesthetically pleasing marine maintenance facility. The design had to accommodate a busy industrial complex without a significant disturbance to the surroundings of residential properties. McLaren’s designs minimized impacts on the neighborhood while providing a safe and accessible hub for boat storage, maintenance and repair. Additionally, McLaren designed the structural support system for the energy-efficient wind turbines on the roof for lower utility costs, revamped the outdated boat lift system to increase functionality and efficiency, and dry flood-proofed the warehouse building to withstand flood elevations up to 13 feet.