Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial Dedication

In recognition of Veteran’s Day, the Rockland County Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial and Monument were unveiled over the weekend in Haverstraw Bay County Park, NY. We are honored to part of this memorial dedicated to the fallen Rockland County Veterans of the Gulf War and War on Terror.

We are proud of the time we donated to create renderings and construction documents for the iconic memorial. The design incorporated elements particular to the wars, including:



  • T-barriers…tall concrete walls that protected the troops during combat. Each one creates a seating area for reflection.
  • Concrete barriers adorned with granite panels…with the names of those lost in the wars.
  • Sand colored gravel…to reflect the desert terrain.
  • Timeline wall showing the continuum of conflicts…from Desert Storm/Shield though to Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • “Soldier’s Cross”…makeshift battlefield monument of a helmet balanced on a rifle with a pair of boots next to it.
  • Myriad Pro Font…Arlington National Cemetery’s font.

As snow fell, McLaren Board of Directors member, Lt. General Dennis Hejlik, reminded attendees in his keynote address that “true heroes are those who serve their communities as police officers, firefighters and, certainly, as military personnel willing die to protect their neighbors.”

McLaren is proud that our roots are forever tied to New York. The new Monument sits in Haverstraw Bay County Park, N.Y., overlooking the 9/11 memorial that McLaren is also proud to have designed.

To find out more about the meaning of the memorial from those who helped design it, watch here.


Posted on: Nov. 16, 2018