Vertical Lift Bridge – Constructing Wittpenn Bridge

Vertical Lift Bridge - Constructing Wittpenn Bridge

As New Jersey strengthens its emphasis on infrastructure redevelopment, Route 7 Wittpenn Bridge, an integral component of the state’s comprehensive Portway Corridor project, is nearing completion. Replacement of the 90-year-old moveable vertical lift bridge over the Hackensack River is taking shape with the center section of the main span lifted in place. The wider, modern structure doubles the vertical clearance to 70-feet, drastically reducing the frequency of bridge openings that affect marine and vehicle traffic.

McLaren’s construction engineering team worked across many phases of the project, from erection of the main span to the permanent tower, control house, machinery house, and counterweights for this vertical lift bridge. In addition to developing erection sequences and means and methods, our team designed all temporary works and developed all crane plans including the Weeks Marine 553 crane for erecting the permanent towers and components as well as the Donjon Marine Co., Inc. Chesapeake 1000 marine barge for erecting the main span box girders. We also designed all lifting lugs rigging and components. The improvements will strengthen access to and between local ports, intermodal rail facilities, transfer stations, and surface transportation system.

Posted on: Nov. 18, 2020