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Heavy Lifting Structural Analysis at Solar Plant

Dec. 1, 2020
Heavy Lifting Structural Analysis

For heavy lifting companies, no two jobs are ever the same. To know what their equipment can safely do when situations vary, structural capacities for heavy lifting equipment must be established. Recently McLaren worked with Rountree Transport & Rigging on a specialized review of their Hydra-Slide Ltd. System that was used to move a 144,440 lb transformer into position at a substation for a 70 MW solar farm. The transformer’s final location, an elevated concrete foundation located in a 27 foot x 40 foot concrete oil containment pit, made it difficult for crane positioning.  The oil containment pit bottom did not have the capacity to support the crane outriggers and other electrical equipment in the substation limited crane access.

Our Florida team performed a structural analysis on the custom Hydra-Slide Ltd. System and determined it would be feasible for the system to span 20 feet over the oil containment pit, acting as temporary steel support rails to slide the heavy transformer into place. Hydraulic pistons clamped to the top of the two lubricated support rails enabled Rountree Transport & Rigging to safely pull the heavy load into its final position on the elevated concrete foundation.