Canal Engineering Services and Reopening

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NYS Canal
Reopening Engineering Services

You can go anywhere in the world from the NYS Canal System.

The waterway that opened America to the west is reopening little by little. McLaren has been providing canal and lock inspections including underwater inspections, mechanical and electrical inspections, load rating analysis, as well as hydrographic surveying for the New York State Canal Corporation’s Eastern Division.

The Canal system fully opened to Lake Champlain last week (Aug 2020)

Formerly known as the New York State Barge Canal, the National Historic Landmark is a successor to the Erie Canal. Currently, the 524-mile NYS Canal system stretches from Buffalo to Albany and up to Lake Champlain. It provides access to Lake Ontario and includes four canals: The Erie Canal, Oswego, Cayuga-Seneca and Champlain Canal.

The canal is preserved primarily for historical and recreational purposes. Additionally, it also serves as a method of controlling floods.