ADCP in Action at Homeport II

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Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler - ADCP in Action at Homeport II

To properly care for and protect the additional in-demand vessels, NYCEDC is planning to convert selected locations in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Basin into the NYC Ferry System’s Secondary Homeport. “Homeport II” will contain approximately 50 vessel slips, utility and finger piers for fleet maintenance, repairs and inspection with service of an additional travel lift. This centralized location provides both an upland warehouse already in place and protection from vessel traffic in the Buttermilk Channel.

McLaren’s marine engineers and in-house dive team worked together to deploy an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to measure the waves, current velocities and wakes caused by environmental conditions and other vessels that traverse the area. This hydroacoustic current meter, ADCP, will collect information for two months and relay detailed and accurate site data that our design team can then use to develop resilient coastal structures which meet the specific conditions of Homeport II.

Posted on: Sep. 29, 2020