Tina Turner Live in Concert Tour

For Tina Turner’s world tour “Tina: Live in Concert”, McLaren Engineering Group provide structural and mechanical engineering services for a new stage set combined with a custom performer “boom lift” revamped from the 24/7 World Tour, a project McLaren worked in conjunction with Private Dancer Productions and The Mark Fisher Studio.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren performed entertainment engineering, including finite element analysis for complicated mechanical assemblies. In order to complete the evaluation, McLaren engineers evaluated all of the stage elements from the Main Stage to the modified JLG man-lift used as a performer lift.

This Tina Turner’s 24/7 tour included a hydraulic platform lift that was constructed of five-stage telescoping hydraulic actuators that are constantly pressurized, each of which works in conjunction with a corresponding cable winch. The cylinders provide a constant and consistent upward push on the performer platform and maintain stability, while the winch pays out and retracts the cable to raise and lower the platform. Active telescoping hydraulic cylinders were not considered because they would have resulted in jolts as each stage engaged a different position and thus would not have been able to provide the lateral stability needed for this lift.

Additionally, McLaren re-evaluated Tina’s signature boom lift. The lift consisted of a 54 ft cantilevered arm that rose out of the stage and then pivoted Tina back and forth over the audience below, thereby creating a thrilling, personal interaction between the performer and her audience.

Year Completed
Private Dancer, Inc.

Image Credit for all Images: Steve Jennings