Stevens Institute of Technology Center for Tech Management

The Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Center for Technology Management serves as the signature headquarters for Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Business with a high-tech financial analytics lab and a variety of collaborative student workspaces. McLaren Engineering Group provided engineering services to the preeminent institution’s 95,000 square foot structure in Hoboken, NJ.

The six-story building is situated at the forefront of the waterfront campus atop a four-story parking garage, built into the side of the promontory edge of the site. Faculty and leadership have offices on the facility’s upper floors. While the lower four levels feature a vibrant mix of classrooms, laboratories and a research library united by a 60-foot-high glass-clad atrium lobby delivering incredible views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline.

McLaren is proud to say 10% of our engineers come from Stevens Institute of Technology!

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren provided structural engineering services for Steven’s new center. Designed using sustainable criteria, McLaren engineered the building with a moment-resisting steel framing system. The beams and columns of the frame are connected via semi-rigid joints that can rotate (open and close) to resist lateral forces from high winds or seismic activity, while suffering minimum structural damage. The frame cannot displace laterally without bending the beams or columns depending on the geometry of the connection. The method works well with multi-story buildings that contain wide, open spaces like these because buildings with a moment-resisting frame do not depend on structural walls or vertically diagonal braces.