Newark Airport Automated Signage

Standout Features

Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal C is undergoing a $120 million renovation to optimize consumer traffic and improve the traveler experience. To give venues more flexibility to change their offerings based on the time of day—providing customers more choices—custom automated signage became an important component of the renovation.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren Engineering Group developed structural and mechanical engineering calculations for the custom automated signage for the shared-use spaces in Newark, New Jersey. Each sign, in the 12 separate storefronts, showcases a functional and geometric style. Some feature multiple effects, and all signs required separate and unique analyses.

Since the contractor’s steel was connected to the terminal at predetermined locations, McLaren engineered welding plates. McLaren also reported and carefully communicated the size and forces at the connection to ensure the contractor had the correct fit-up, matching the holes on the welding plates, and necessary strength at the connection—saving valuable time and materials.