Hilton Grand Vacations Hotel Metal Panel Engineering

Metallic Panels Adorn NYC Hotel Facade

Bright metallic frames adorn the face of Hilton Grand Vacations’ newest hotel in NYC. The folded metal panels frame floor-to-ceiling windows and widen as the building rises, creating a sense of motion. Working with the fabricator, McLaren engineered the geometric aluminum panel facade and connections all the way to the top of the 32-story building.

McLaren slipped the side connection on the hotel’s subtly oscillating metal panels designed to span multiple floors and play with the light and shadow throughout the day. This allowed the needed differential deflection to occur.

The Central at 5th by Hilton Club is a 161-room hotel located at 12 East 48th Street. It also features retail options at the ground floor.

New York, NY
Year Completed
BAMCO inc.

Image Credit for Image 1: Handel Architects LLP; Image Credit for Image 2: Google Maps