Mars Dome Cable Coaster

McLaren Engineering Group helped engineer the public debut of Tait Towers, Six Degrees of Freedom ride system for the “Mars Landing Simulator” Virtual Reality Ride, at a pop-up event celebrating the premiere of the National Geographic Channel’s “Mars” mini-series. The ride propelled a two-person vehicle on a dynamic flight path using six high-powered winches. Thrill-seekers could enter the Martian atmosphere in a spacecraft that lands on Mars. The Mars dome cable coaster was open to the public at the intersection of Canal and Varick Streets in New York City.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren’s Entertainment team provided structural and mechanical analysis of the Mars dome cable coaster system to ensure the safety of each “astronaut” on the ride. The firm oversaw the process of complying with ASTM amusement ride standards and New York City ride permitting. McLaren performed calculations and on-site accelerometer testing, in accordance with these requirements. A range of motion study was also provided.

New York, NY
Year Completed
TAIT Towers Manufacturing, LLC