John Golden Theater

McLaren Engineering Group provided structural engineering services on the renovation of the historic John Golden Theater in Manhattan. Opened in 1927, the theater was built to accommodate intimate dramatic stage plays. In 2012, the theater was completely renovated to serve the needs of modern productions and improve the patrons experience.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren first produced load ratings of the theatrical infrastructure in the stage house and auditorium. From there, the team was hired to design reinforcing elements at the gridiron, devise safety improvements for gallery and ladder access, and consult on exterior restoration. McLaren also redesigned the stage floor to create a column-free cellar and designed new structural steel supports for the auditorium floor, removing portions of a cellar wall to expand bathrooms. Lastly, McLaren designed a new technical loft to increase its size. Renovations were completed by the start of a new production in December of 2012, limiting the work that could be done in the five month timeframe.