High Line Moynihan Connector Construction

The High Line Moynihan Connector is a nearly 1,200 foot long walkway bridge that will link the elevated High Line park with the Manhattan West development in NYC. Our Construction Engineering group has been working with fabricator, Orange County Ironworks as their Specialty Structural Engineer (SSE) on the project.

Stability during erection was one of the main concerns at the onset because of the project’s unique structural system. The project’s large structural members and custom built-up sections, in combination with the cantilevering section and limit support points, presented constructability challenges.

Our team has been assisting with developing crane plans, shoring systems, and erection sequencing/stability plans to ensure a smooth and safe construction process. Additionally, we provided a wide range of delegated design tasks, such as perimeter protection systems and value engineering connection design.

Highline Moynihan Connector Crane Construction
Highline Moynihan Connector Construction

Midtown Manhattan

Expected to be complete in the Spring of 2023, the High Line Moynihan Connector extension will run along West 30th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues and bend to the north at Dyer Avenue to reach the Manhattan West plaza above West 31st Street.

New York, NY
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Orange County Ironworks, LLC