31st Street Bridge Crane Erection Plans

McLaren Engineering Group provided crane erection plans for 31st Street bridge, a three-span plate girder bridge replacement, spanning over live Amtrak railroad lines between 9th and Dryer Ave. As NYC’s Midtown business district spreads toward the Hudson River, former parking lots and warehouses on the West Side are being transformed into the mixed-use megaprojects with millions of square feet of office, retail, and residential development alongside acres of public space. As such, parts of area’s transportation infrastructure are also undergoing an overhaul.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

Crane operation within the bridge’s already small work zone was limited with its proximity to the massive concurrent construction happening at the neighboring Manhattan West job site. McLaren’s Construction Engineering team provided innovative crane erection plans to solve for these space constraints. They chose to position the LTM 1350 mobile crane on the bridge abutments in order to successfully erect spans 1 & 3 of the bridge. Two LTM 1100 mobile cranes were then supported on the newly built bridge structure and tandem picked the girders for the placement of the bridge’s 2nd span.

New York, NY
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