Drama Book Shop Bookworm Sculpture Design

Manhattan’s century-old Drama Book Shop, a mainstay of the NYC theatre scene moved, under new ownership, to West 39th Street in 2020. Bought by “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda along with the Broadway show’s director, lead producer, and theater owner, the new location opens it’s doors with an ornamental spiraling Bookworm sculpture at center stage.

Architectural Theming Sculpture

Dancing up and over store shelves, 140 feet of books and scripts twist along a steel skeleton engineered by our entertainment group.

The Drama Book Shop Bookworm Sculpture begins at the front door with ancient Greek texts, the art piece explodes to a finish at the rear wall with a splash of pages including a copy of “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical”.

In addition to design and evaluation, our engineers ensured a seamlessly supported form by reinforcing the rear wall to support the “splash zone” and adding secondary steel at each of the various rigging points to route the load path into Drama Book Shop’s building structure.

New York, NY
Year Completed
Adventureland, LLC