Construction Crane ‘flies’ over NYC street to land atop Tiffany & Co.

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March 19, 2021
Construction Crane ‘flies’ over NYC street to land atop Tiffany & Co.

Crane ‘flies’ over New York City street to land atop Tiffany & Co. construction project

One massive crane lifted a slightly less-massive crane in midtown Manhattan to help construct three additional floors on the iconic building.

To put the LTM 1130 in place…McLaren leveraged an even larger crane, the 500-ton Liebherr LTM 1500 – a piece of equipment its manufacturer boasts is the “most successful large crane of all time”— and 363,800 pounds of counterweight ballast.

“McLaren worked with Orange County Ironworks taking space, time and budget into consideration, to develop unconventional methods of crane engineering to figure out how to work within New York City’s tight building space constraints,” said Jon T. Skinner, vice president of construction engineering at McLaren.

The entire operation not only helped the project work within the tight confines of midtown, it also alleviated the need to stop work at the site during the holidays late last year. New York City prohibits cranes and work in the streets in most areas the week starting before Thanksgiving until after the beginning of the new year. Getting the rooftop crane in place allowed Orange County Ironworks to continue uninterrupted through the holidays, saving time and millions of dollars on the project, according to McLaren.

The smaller crane has since been safely returned to the ground.