Best Landscape/Urban Development Winner St. Pete Pier

Media Coverage
Source: ENR Southeast
November 2, 2021
Best Landscape/Urban Development Winner St. Pete Pier

St. Pete Pier – Best Landscape/Urban Development Winner by ENR Southeast

Nearly 15 years in the making, St. Petersburg’s new pier offers 26 acres of interactive experiences culminating at a pier stretching more than 3,000 ft into Tampa Bay. The new pier features a grand entry plaza, open-air market, artwork, a sculpture honoring the first commercial flight, a playground, the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center and the Pierhead building with its multiple dining options.

During preconstruction of the Pierhead building, the team discovered that dead load of the shoring and the live load of the concrete placement process combined to be nearly five times greater than the load the marine structure could support. In response, Skanska enlisted McLaren Engineering Group and leveraged the experience of other team members, including Icon and Skanska’s Self Perform Operations group, which were the concrete trade partners for the project. Together, the team designed and constructed a grillage system—consisting of 37 temporary H-14 piles approximately 100 ft in length driven into the seabed—to hold the framing of the building up off the marine pier to isolate the building loads away from the marine structure. The upper grillage consisted of W-24s in one direction and W-12s in the other.