Executive Chairman of the Board + Founder

Malcolm McLaren, PE

Since founding the firm in his basement in 1977, Mal’s entrepreneurial spirit quickly propelled McLaren Engineering Group to the forefront of the AEC industry. His vision built the foundation which enables us to provide an unparalleled line of quality services and make positive impacts on communities worldwide.

Today, as Executive Chairman of the Board, Mal provides strategic advisory oversight as he heads the firm’s Board of Directors.

McLaren Entrepreneur of the Year

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In the early days, Mal was a driving force behind the concept of the “engineer-as-diver” profession, combining his passion for recreational diving with his skills as a professional engineer to offer underwater investigative services. Since then, his out-of-the-box thinking, passion for innovation, and technical excellence quickly launched an ever-growing engineering empire that has expanded to diverse markets and offices worldwide.

Throughout his career, Mal has led the design and engineering of some of the world’s most important bridges, structures, waterfront developments, and entertainment venues. Highlights include a pair of 100-foot tall animatronic Cranes in Sentosa Bay, Singapore, comprehensive work on 95 percent of New York City’s ferry landings, concert stages for The Rolling Stones, development of the famous MECU Pier 6 Pavilion in Baltimore, and a feasibility study on an urban aerial ropeway gondola that seeks to revolutionize transportation infrastructure. A pioneer in delivering bridge construction by the Design-Build method, Mal also led the firm in the first DB bridge project in New York State.

spirit continues

I started McLaren Engineering Group when I was 25 years old with a slide rule in one hand and a shovel in the other. Four decades later, I’m proud to say that the firm has developed beyond my expectations and continues that trajectory of growth by adding more iconic projects to our portfolio and strategically expanding our service line offerings with some of the top talent in the industry. The entrepreneurial basis for our success is the ability to recognize opportunities, and act on them. I am very pleased that this spirit has been captured by our next generation of leaders at McLaren.