Grassy Point Road Bridge

Project Location: Grassy Point Road (also known as Beach Road) over Minisceongo Creek in the Town of Haverstraw, Rockland County, New York

Bridge Replacement

The proposed Grassy Point Road Bridge will be approximately 70 feet long and carry Grassy Point Road over Minisceongo Creek. It is anticipated that roughly three hundred feet of approach roadway reconstruction will be required on both sides of the bridge. The replacement of the Grassy Point Road Bridge will eliminate all deficiencies and vulnerabilities, including the deteriorated superstructure (spalled concrete, corroded girders, and delaminated bridge railings) and the 14-ton posted rating. The proposed typical section includes 11-foot wide lanes and 4-foot wide shoulders.

Existing Bridge Condition

Existing Bridge Condiition
Existing Bridge Consition
Grassy Point Road Bridge Elevation
Grassy Point Road Bridge Elevation
Girder Section Loss
Concrete Spalling
Girder Section Loss
Rail Delamination
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Proposed Bridge Alignment Drawings

Proposed Plan
Proposed Elevation
Proposed Roadway Section
Proposed Roadway Profile
Proposed Bridge Section
Proposed Abutment Plan and Elevation

Project Limits: 750 North of Gagan Road, and 60-feet before the Marina entrance.

BIN: 3346300

Maintenance of Traffic: Traffic will be maintained on the existing bridge during construction. Once the new bridge is complete, the approaches will be tied into the new alignment, and the existing bridge will be demolished.

Anticipated Schedule:

Project Letting: December 2020
Begin Construction: Spring 2021
Construction Complete: Fall 2021

Funding: The project will be 95% federally funded with the remaining 5% funded by the County.

Press Release: By Rockland County