West Side Stormwater Parking Lot at the Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland Event Center

McLaren converted a 1 million-gallon stormwater pond into the first tiered underground storage and water quality facility. The West Side stormwater parking lot project mitigated environmental impacts, while reclaiming the land for additional surface parking at the new Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland Event Center in Hanover, Maryland.

Over 5,000 linear feet of 10-foot perforated Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) controls the 100-year stormwater system, while a series of weirs and orifices provide routing to the 2-foot CMP water quality facility stacked beneath. The new facility mitigates the environmental impacts of the overall development by doubling the volume of stormwater treated, and protecting the downstream waterways by reducing discharge rates. The facility was tested throughout 2018 with a record-breaking 72 inch rainfall and functioned properly under historic rainfalls that led to 1,000-year storm conditions, demonstrating the success of thoughtful engineering design. Read more about the underground system.

Posted on: Feb. 13, 2019