The Art of Temporary Structures PDH Lecture

The Art of Temporary Structures…Engineers are skilled in designing and building structures, like high rises and bridges, which comply with applicable codes. Yet, temporary structures are handled inconsistently as their short-term construction often lacks clarity on building code guidance.

Additionally, they differ from conventional structures in their style of development, use, methods of erection, monitoring opportunities, and relationship to the environment, making their engineering a niche expertise.

Industry leader, Bill Gorlin, PE, SE – Vice President of Entertianment, will be discussing how engineers must be innovative and precise to ensure function and safety in his PDH approved seminar on Temporary Event Structures at the NECSEA 2021 Virtual Conference through Structural Engineers Association of New York on April 7th.

Bill’s live event temporary structures work includes iconic concert and theatrical stages from The Rolling Stones to Lady Gaga, performances like the Wallendas high wire act over Times Square, and dazzling public displays like the Burj Khalifa light show and massive art exhibits like ARIZONA!.

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11:00 am
Wednesday, April 7th
via Zoom

Posted on: Mar. 23, 2021