At One Vanderbilt

Artist, Kenzo Digital’s Air Installation Transcends Reality at SUMMIT

Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) took the audience on an immersive journey at One Vanderbilt. Panelists from Electrosonic, AOA and SL Green Realty Corp. discussed the creation of a reimagined observation deck experience from its technologically advanced soundscape to the thrilling 12-story glass elevator journey.

Attendees then went on a behind-the-scenes tour through Air, the dreamscape installation composed of several distinct artworks, from innumerable reflections that slice up the city’s grid to an explosive rainbow trip upside down, and shifting faces set into digital clouds. Next stop, Levitation the enclosed glass ledge, and then on to Ascent’s external glass elevator ride, which rises to One Vanderbilt’s highest observation point.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Team

A huge hand to the numerous teams who coordinated to create the magic of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt on an accelerated schedule; this includes our structural engineers who provided calculations for a mirrored glass floor system.