NYC Parking Structure Inspections Law

NYC Parking Structure Inspections
Local Law 126

LOCAL LAW 126 FOR 2021

NYC has mandated new periodic inspection requirements for owners and operators of parking structures, facilities, and garages across all five boroughs. Effective January 1, 2022, Local Law 126 for 2021 dictates that parking structures undergo condition assessments performed by a New York State licensed and registered professional engineer at least once every six years

The hired PE must meet the eligibility requirements for Qualified Parking Structure Inspectors (QPSI) as required by 1RCNY 101-07. For subject buildings, an assessment report must be submitted by the QPSI with the inspection results and filed with the Department of Buildings (DOB).

Much like New York City’s existing Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), the updated Local Law 126 strives to enact enhanced safety measures by way of recurring structural evaluations. These assessments look for any evidence of deterioration or unsafe conditions. 

According to the law, parking structure owners are responsible for the proper inspection, repair, and maintenance of the parking structure. As such, assessments must be made for any indication of damage, decay, or dilapidation. Additionally, an inspector can identify signs of faulty construction or unstable foundation which could result in a partial or complete collapse.

Parking structures that are subject to the ordinance include buildings (or portions of a building) used for parking or storing motor vehicles. This includes space inside or under a building, as well as both open and enclosed parking garages. Exceptions to Local Law 126 include autobody and automotive shops, or garages with fewer than 3 car occupancies.

NYC Parking Structure Inspection Engineering

The first inspection cycle for parking structures began on January 1, 2022, and runs through December 31, 2023. During this cycle, owners of parking structures located within Community Districts 1 through 7 in Manhattan will need to have them inspected and file the required report with the DOB. The NYC Department of Building will continue to announce filing dates for other community districts.