Media and Press Platform at 2021 NYC Marathon

Media and Press Platform at 2021 NYC Marathon

This year’s NYC Marathon, the first since the onset of the pandemic, is preparing for its comeback, Sunday, Nov. 7th. For its 50th running, media and press personnel will be able to capture the day’s events via a new custom platform viewing area.

Our entertainment team worked with BNW Rigging INC to engineer the temporary elevated structure that utilizes mostly ModTruss Inc. components with custom connection elements.

Constructed like an erector set, the self-climbing prefabricated build features two independent towers that support a bridge spanning nearly 50 feet with an LED banner mounted along its length.

Another 20-foot-wide LED screen is attached to the right side of the media and press platform assembly and cantilevered off the face of the tower.

The New York City Marathon has grown from a local road race held entirely in Central Park to the world’s largest marathon. Find out more about the race, here.


Posted on: Nov. 5, 2021