McLaren is Engineering SOME OF Brooklyn's
Tallest Developments Downtown

As Brooklyn keeps getting bigger, McLaren is engineering a new face for one of downtown’s tallest developments.

At One Willoughby Square, Brooklyn’s 624′ tall office building, our Building Envelope team is engineering the aluminum composite metal paneling for all 34 floors.

Around the corner stands Brooklyn Point, the borough’s tallest mixed-use residential building. McLaren is developing the support system for the impressive stone cladding at the rooftop retreat, indoor pool area, retail space, double-height lobby and terrace bar. At the rooftop retreat, featuring the highest residential infinity pool in the Western Hemisphere, McLaren is also engineering the cold form steel holding the stone work as well as the decorative composite metal panels.

Both 1WSQ and Brooklyn Point are set to open in 2020. Read more about Brooklyn’s tallest developments.