Engineering Career Milestone

McLaren Engineers Pass PE Exam
Winter 2023

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Brandan Vecere - McLaren Engineering Group

Brandon Vecere

Civil Engineer

PE Civil Exam – Water Resources + Environmental

A graduate of Rowan University with BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Brandon joined McLaren as a civil engineer providing innovative solutions spanning site planning, layout, design, and inspections ranging from large infrastructure projects to private site development.

Specializing in stormwater management, Brendon is passionate about engineering resiliency to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Climate change impacts stormwater runoff and, as engineers, we need to account for the future in the way we design and develop flood control measures. As we see the frequency, duration, and magnitude of future weather events increase, it is exciting to be part of a team ensuring stormwater designs will continue to protect water quality, local habitats, and our communities for years to come.”

Nick Pellegrino

Marine Engineer

PE Civil Exam – Construction in New Jersey 

A graduate of The College of NJ – School of Engineering with BS in Civil Engineering, Nick is a Staff Engineer in McLaren’s marine division. He spends most of his time in inspection and design of waterfront structures and construction, he is looking forward to one-day managing both inspection and construction projects.

“Our waterfront and waterway infrastructure, such as piers, bridges, bulkheads and culverts are subject to highly advanced measures of structural deterioration. Inspection of these structures helps us analyze structural conditions to best guide the development of designs and countermeasures that can keep these vital structures solid and stable for safe public use. Being part of a team that is involved in the full-lifecycle engineering of marine structures – from new construction to inspection, rehabilitation and beyond – I can support our clients with thorough understanding and unique insights into their project needs.”

Ethan Wells

Construction Engineer

PE Structural Exam in New Jersey 

A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Civil Engineering, Ethan specializes in providing clients with specialty value engineering construction services such as delegated connection and misc. metals designs, temporary and permanent shoring solutions, structural inspections, peer reviews, crane and rigging designs, erection sequencing logistics, and steel detailing services.

“Providing construction support services during building erection is an integral, and often overlooked, aspect of structural engineering. The ability to quickly and easily fabricate, assemble, and install a building’s or bridge’s structural system is critical to the success of any project. By assisting with design during construction phase services, we can cut down on project budgets and schedules while simultaneously providing our clients with a final product better tailored to their preferences. Having the ability to work one-on-one with contractors, fabricators, and erectors regarding the logistics of building construction provides great insight into the construction process. As engineers, it is our job to provide a final product that, while satisfying the building’s structural and architectural requirements, can also be built in a safe and efficient manner. It’s important to understand that a design is only as good as the team executing it and it takes everyone to make a project successful.”

2023 McLaren Award

Ethan is also the winner of McLaren's 2023 Client Hero Award, honoring him for his dedication to fostering lasting client relationships and delivering unparalleled customer service!"