McLaren Awards 2018

McLaren Engineering Group 2018 Awards

McLaren is pleased to announce the winners of our 2018 employee recognition awards. Thank you to our team for all of its contributions and hard work that help make McLaren a success.

Service Awards
30 Years of Service: Sidney Richardson
25 Years of Service: Daniel Korkosz
10 Years of Service: Donna Murray / Jon Skinner, PE
5 Years of Service: Lawrence Bennett, PE / Bart Breisch / Edward Chiu / Luke Crawford / Bill Green / Johanne Jean-Louis / Joseph Motisi / Daniel Rachal, PE / Christine Smith, PE

Merit Awards
Rookie of the Year: Leo Byron
Team Player Award: Annette Lucke
Spirit of McLaren Award: Theresa Ritter
Client Hero Award: Stephanie Richmond, PE
“Applied Ingenuity” Award: IT Department
Project Management Award: Brendan Kelly, PE
Project of The Year: Live! Hotel and Conference Center
Group Award: NJ “Move Crew”

Posted on: Feb. 5, 2019