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Hudson Yards LED Screen

Sep. 22, 2020
Backyard Big Screen
September 14, 2020 - October 31, 2020Reserve
Hudson Yards LED Screen

The Tribeca Film Festival teamed up with Hudson Yards to create an unforgettable outdoor movie experience, Backyard Big Screen. This event running from September 14th to October 31st offers socially distant ‘pods’ with cabana-style seating, picnic boxes with seasonal delicacies and beverages for up to 2 or 4 guests for rental in front of a huge 20 x 20 foot LED Screen with the iconic Vessel at Hudson Yards in the background. Movies are shown every Thursday through Sunday and feature a short film curated by the Tribeca Film Festival followed by classics like Ghostbusters, Sleepless in Seattle, Wonder Woman, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and many more.

McLaren provided structural engineering for this temporary Hudson Yards LED Screen. Working with BNW Rigging INC the team engineered a reusable and adaptable LED screen supported by box truss, chain hoists and steel wire ropes with rigging hardware – all of which can be assembled in a short amount of time with in-house or easily rented materials. Assemblies like these are constructed by experienced rigging companies that work with these materials to create a seemingly unlimited number of exhibits, each with varying effects, sizes, and purposes to meet the demands of clients within the entertainment industry. A shipping container is located behind the screen providing ballast for stability as well as a shelter for the tech crew.

Backyard Big Screen also included showtimes for sporting events where in-person attendance was not permitted. The innovative theater space hosted the US Open, and currently has tickets available for the NY Giants, Formula 1 and the NY Yankees. Preferred seating is reserved for essential workers and the ticket price includes a local charity donation.

Theme Park Awards

Sep. 16, 2020
THEA Theme Park Awards

One secret behind theme park magic…the art of engineering. Some of the most epic and immersive work produced by our Entertainment Division is subject to strict confidentiality and can never truly be revealed. Although we absolutely cannot tell you which ones, we can say 3 of our projects received 2020 THEA Awards for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT from Themed Entertainment Association!

McLaren provided structural design for scenic show sets for two iconic theme park rides and structural scenery design for a stellar new themed attraction land.

Healthcare Construction Forum

Sep. 9, 2020
Healthcare Construction Forum
September 24, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:45 PMRegister
Healthcare Construction Forum - President, Jeremy Billig, PE - Panelist

While the healthcare industry is ever-changing with new policies and regulations, demand for new healthcare facilities and infrastructure upgrades continues to grow – especially in response to COVID.  At this years’ Commerical Observer Healthcare Construction Forum, McLaren’s President, Jeremy Billig, PE will be part of the Development and Master Planning for Future Healthcare Needs seminar where he will share his insights on trends in increased outpatient facilities and on-demand healthcare centers.

The expert panel will discuss how facilities can accommodate healthy patient care in the wake of a pandemic and tailor their development and master planning strategies to respond to new COVID-specific requirements. This interactive, virtual conference is integral to all involved in healthcare design and construction as the market seeks to adapt its physical infrastructure to the effects of the pandemic.

Development and Master Planning for Future Healthcare Needs Panel 

With a global pandemic top of mind, the healthcare industry has seen a continued trend of increased outpatient facilities and on-demand healthcare centers. To properly prepare for unpredictable circumstances and required shifts in healthcare practices, this panel will discuss how facilities will accommodate healthy patient care in the wake of a pandemic and how facilities will tailor their development and master planning strategies to respond to new COVID-specific requirements.

About the Healthcare Construction Forum

While the healthcare industry is ever-changing with new policies and regulations, demand for new healthcare facilities and facility upgrades continues to grow. With the added factor of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparations for a potential resurgence, the healthcare industry will continue to see a trend of increased outpatient facilities and interim healthcare centers. The unpredictable and fluid impact to the healthcare industry will continue to require new technology and research facilities, which influence decisions about new hospital locations, design and functionality. Speakers from the healthcare design and construction industry will discuss the effects of the pandemic, and how they are developing best practices for patients to come back to facilities for routine visits and procedures.

Jacking Super Columns at TSX Broadway

Jacking of the steel super columns was recently performed for TSX Broadway, the soon-to-be Times Square luxury hotel with high-end retail space, a permanent outdoor stage, and huge outdoor advertising space. McLaren assisted steel erector, J.C. Steel with part of the install procedures for the large plates and the jacking method statement. The load in the super columns was estimated at 9,000,000 lbs and went up smoothly in only 4 hours! Howard I. Shapiro and Associates, Consulting Engineers, P.C., stability engineer during construction, designed the jacking procedure and was responsible for the overall structural stability of the rebuilt 46-story, 550,000 square foot world-class NYC building.

Demolition on this project began on the 46th floor of the original building, using the elevator shafts as a giant chute to safely discard scrap material and debris from each gutted level. The bottom 25 percent of the existing structure will be preserved and the additional floors rebuilt. The building’s historic Palace Theater will be lifted 30 feet higher from its current position to the future sixth floor in order to make room for new retail space below.

NJ Ferry Photo Contest

Aug. 27, 2020
July 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST to September 10, 2020
Photo Contest Details
NJ Ferry Photo Contest for Hudson County

Do you think additional ferries are a solution to commuter congestion in New Jersey? As many employees eye return-to-work plans, Hudson, NJ’s most populated county right across the river from Manhattan, is considering adding more NJ ferry lines to its transit network which is typically heavily utilized with limited capacity.

McLaren is working with Hudson County on the NJ Ferry Service Expansion Study to determine whether bringing new passenger ferry service is feasible and to evaluate area demand. Data for potential ridership is being considered in addition to targeting the most needed/wanted service regions with existing links to in-place transit system connections.

Project Background. Located on two peninsulas, Hudson County is surrounded by water. This geographic feature may offer an opportunity to provide new transportation options through additional passenger ferry service. Expanded ferry service would increase resiliency during emergencies and other transit network failures. The Hudson County Ferry Service Expansion Study is being led by the Hudson County Division of Planning. They received a grant from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) Subregional Studies Program. The study will assess the potential for expanding ferry service, including examining regional destinations the ferry system could serve, as well as connections to our existing transit systems.

Related Insights. The success of the award-winning NYC Ferry brings a lot of insight into what additional NJ Ferry routes can do for Hudson County. The full 2018/2019 NYC Ferry Expansion Feasibility Study can be viewed at

Photo Contest. In order to bring the best options and quality-of-life to residents and commuters at the water’s edge, the project needs community input! Share your opinions and enter the photo contest with a snapshot of Hudson County’s iconic waterfront or existing ferry systems.

NJ Ferry Photo Contest for Hudson County
Offshore Wind Energy Conference IPF

The largest offshore wind energy conference in the Western Hemisphere, Business Network for Offshore Wind’s International Partnering Forum #2020IPFF began a Livestream series to help move the U.S. wind industry forward. McLaren’s Geomatics Principal Steven MacDonald, PLS, P.Eng. spoke about Navigating the Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey with other panelists.

Steve discussed overcoming the challenges of performing traditional offshore survey work to help developers attain data for site characterization and to meet renewable energy guidelines. His recent work in bringing wind energy to the Northeast has focused on using high-quality technology to better navigate tight deadlines, short weather windows and the large expanses of complex near-surface geology of the Atlantic. By utilizing unmanned autonomous remote vessels, Steve has been at the forefront of pushing for innovative approaches to reduce of the industry offshore footprint while providing unparalleled data collection and processing. Autonomous survey and mapping results in a cost-saving reduction of health, safety and environment risks with fewer offshore personnel numbers and large vessel days.

adaptive reuse of manufacturing facilities into multi-tenant warehouse and industrial center in Eddystone, PA

Philadelphia, once known as the “workshop of the world”, is rich in industrial and manufacturing history. Recently, the redevelopment of many former plants and facilities has added a slew of adaptive reuse projects to the area.

McLaren worked with Papp Architects, P.C. to design the conversion of the 465,680 square foot site formerly known as Baldwin Locomotive Works and its wartime subsidiary Eddystone Arsenal. The historic steam engine manufacturing facility and WW1 munitions factory was turned into a multi-tenant warehouse and industrial center just outside the Philadelphia, in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. There’s a massive missile nose cone that was left behind; the artifact was salvaged and used as a sculpture at the front of the property.

The original load-bearing masonry powerhouse, originally used to generate steam and electricity for the entire complex, was removed in order to reclaim the space for development. New structural steel framing was constructed and a new metal and translucent panel wall system installed. McLaren also designed the bracing to stabilize the structure for the new layout and had previously provided schematics for adding a marina to the site.

Canal System in NYS Reopening - Underwater Inspections

You can go anywhere in the world from the NYS Canal System. The waterway that opened America to the west is reopening little by little. McLaren is providing underwater inspections, mechanical and electrical inspections, load rating analysis and hydrographic surveying for the New York State Canal Corporation’s Eastern Division. The Canal system fully opened to Lake Champlain last week.

Building Envelope Construction on NYC's Virgin Hotel

Building Envelope construction on NYC’s Virgin Hotel is nearing completion. Designed by Stantec and developed by Lam Group, this 40+ story hotel features a beautifully deconstructed tower covered in a pixelated pattern of subtle opaque glazed glass panels, bringing a contemporary aesthetic to the historic NoMad neighborhood.

For the reinforced concrete tower, McLaren’s facade team worked closely with the Italian firm AZA INT Corporation to deliver a stunning custom tower curtain wall system. In order to create a flush design with superior energy efficiency, our engineers utilized a prefabricated WICONA glazing system, not typically seen in the US. All of the glass load is supported on the exterior of the thermal break zone webbing which is made from recycled polyamide. This offers the building envelope a high level of energy efficiency and low thermal bridging that meet NYC’s strict sustainable construction goals.

Learn more about McLaren’s work on the tower, retail podium and sloped skylight here.

Student Housing on its way up at Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology is looking to the future with one of its most ambitious infrastructure projects. Construction of The Student Housing and University Center is set to redefine its campus community and culture. Two new residential towers, one 16 stories and the other 18 stories, that will provide much needed campus housing options for nearly 1,000 students once completed and safe.

McLaren’s Construction Engineering team is working with Orange County Ironworks, LLC Works on the steel connection design and erection means and methods for the two-truss pedestrian bridge that will connect the two student housing towers via the third floor.

A unique challenge our team had to overcome when erecting these trusses was the inability to use shoring towers to temporarily support the truss chords as it was being erected and installed. Instead, we installed the top chords first then the remaining members in a particular sequence.

Find out more about how we are helping construct this glass enclosed bridge that will one day provide the New Jersey university with stunning views of Hudson River and mid-town Manhattan, here.