Pushing for a Commute That Would Rise Above the Rest

- By Lisa W. Foderaro

They would seem more at home in Austria or Switzerland, zipping up the side of the Alps. But suddenly, American cities from Albany to Austin, Tex., are pinning their hopes on, of all things, gondolas.

The allure is not just speed. Gondolas do not contribute to greenhouse gases, and they soar over clogged highways and balky subway signals. They are relatively fast and cheap to build. And unlike most forms of transportation, they offer singular vistas that attract tourism as well.

130 Foot Tall HRSG Navigates The Hudson River

Heat Recovery Steam Generator.JPG

McLaren helped navigate the heaviest and tallest structure to ever move down the Hudson River! At 130 feet tall, and weighing in at 4,000 tons, the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) traveled from the Port of Coeymans down the Hudson to a new power plant in New Jersey.

McLaren provided a Trip in Tow report summarizing the:

  • Peer Review…of the calculations received, to verify the stability during the loading and ballasting of the HRSG; as well as the lashing review for the barge.

Professional Licensed In 49 States

49 States.jpg

McLaren is now professional licensed in South Dakota! To view our complete list of 49 states and 4 countries,
click here.

McLaren Completes NYC Ferry Landings

New NYC Ferry Landings 071017_McLaren_NYCFerry-AtlanticAve_55_Lo-Res.jpg

McLaren Engineering Group Completes New NYC Ferry Landings in New York Harbor

McLaren’s floating ferry landing designs serve New York City’s expansive NYC Ferry Service

416 Kent Topping Out Party

416 Kent Topping Out Party.jpg

Spitzer Enterprises celebrated with a topping off party at 416 Kent, a 23-story residential building in Brooklyn, NY, with the design and construction team. Elliott Spitzer gave a speech thanking the architect ODA New York, construction manager ZDG, engineer McLaren Engineering Group, and MEP consultant MG Engineering D.P.C. for their work. The project is on schedule and construction is accelerating due to the town crane erection on-site. McLaren is proud to be a part of this iconic project!