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Published in Stage Directions Magazine

McLaren receives special recognition in “The Han Show Theatre” article, published in Stage Directions Magazine.

In the article, McLaren’s Vice President of Entertainment, Bill Gorlin, PE is quoted saying, “This project was real innovative, because the public is traveling on moving seating areas you need clean interfaces with the building’s architecture and the ability for people to exit at any point in the travel. It needs to be a relatively comfortable ride. It moves slowly — so slowly that the dynamics will never pose safety risks to the people.”

College Street Music Hall Renovation

McLaren provided engineering services for the state-of-the-art renovation of College Street Music Hall in New Haven, Connecticut. McLaren evaluated load rating of the gridiron, addressed safety at the grid pertaining to edge protection and ladder access clearances, and assessed the audio catwalk. McLaren also developed guidelines for acceptable rigging methods and loadings made into an easy-to-read grid plan and chart, for use by Riggers.

Temporary Structure for National Mall Trust Annual Benefit

Trust for the National Mall.JPG

For the 8th Annual Benefit Luncheon, McLaren provided an engineering review of the temporary modular tent structure and supports for rigged scenery. The tent is a modular aluminum assembly staked to the ground and covered with fabric walls and roof and overlooks Constitution Gardens Lake. A collection of scenic geometric shapes, chandeliers, and lighting units are rigged from the roof. This event, being held on April 23rd, benefits the Trust for the National Mall, an organization dedicated to restoring, improving and preserving the National Mall.

On The Twentieth Century

Today Show On The Twentieth Century Backdrop  Frame.jpg

McLaren evaluated a framework for the musical comedy “On The Twentieth Century”; that will appear on the Today Show, tomorrow April 21st. The framework consists of pipe and aluminum box truss with ballast to brace the fabric backdrop. McLaren also provided a High-Wind Action Plan, and reviewed and redlined client drawings.

Jaguar Display in Flatiron Square


McLaren engineered the Jaguar and logo pedestal for Cigar Box Studio, displayed on March 31st in Flatiron Square in New York City. The “jaguar” is a steel framed spine with carved foam and hardcoat, which fastens to a receiver on the plinth. The plinth is an 8’-0” tall steel framed box clad in MDO, which connects to a 3’-0” x 12’-6” steel base plate. The box contains ballast as needed to stabilize the assembly. The assembly was engineered to require disassembly in the event wind speeds are forecast to exceed 55 mph.