Wynn Las Vegas – Awakening

Wynn Las Vegas’ newest show, Awakening, opened on November 7th in a custom-built, 360-degree circular theater featuring an interactive 60-foot kaleidoscopic stage made of dichroic glass sections which independently raise, lower, and rotate with its dramatic choreography. Designed as a fully immersive experience, one-of-a-kind pivoting sky bridges raise the performances and audience experience to a whole new level.

Our entertainment team provided structural and mechanical solutions for schematic engineering of the prismatic stage platform, as well as complete engineering of the six identical walkway bridges, their winches, and end pivot frames.

A 3D model of the three-dimensionally curved bridge structure was developed to help visualize movement and assist the production designers in developing a safe, open structure that met the aesthetic requirements for Wynn Las Vegas’ Awakening. Our team engineered the complex space frame bridge structures, each supported by two dual-cable winches, as well as the end pivot frame, which work together to produce a 45° range of motion over the heads of the audience.

Las Vegas, NV
Year Completed
PRG/Scenic Technologies