Summit Medical Group Exterior Modifications

Summit Medical Group’s Woodland Park facility underwent exterior modifications, for its laboratory, that required a portion of the building’s existing facade be removed. The lower-level section of the healthcare complex’s window and masonry facade were demolished to accommodate two new louver doors for generator intake and radiator exhaust configurations. However, keeping the upper portion of the facade stable and intact during removal presented a challenge as the slightest deflection could result in the cracking of its masonry building envelope.

Medical Group Exterior Modifications For Laboratory


McLaren’s construction engineering division designed a low-profile temporary shoring system for Summit Medical Group to work with limited clearance in the field. Intermittent needle beams and temporary shoring towers were used to support of the existing masonry wall. Upon demolition of the lower facade, new posts and lintels were added before the installation of the louver doors could occur. The sequencing of the temporary shoring was important to ensuring a successful demolition that did not impact the occupied level above. Installation of the needle beams, welding of the support beam clips, installation of the shoring posts, grouting, and installation of a ledger angle to connect to the needle beams all needed to happen prior to the start of demolition. After the posts and lintels were added, the temporary shoring was methodically removed to allow proper load transfer from the temporary system to the final condition structural steel for the installation of the new doors.

Woodland Park, NJ
Year Completed
Papp Iron Works, Inc.