Malahat Skywalk Adventure Net

Malahat Skywalk is providing Vancouver Island visitors with the ultimate natural high. At the heart of the new outdoor experience stands the Spiral Tower lookout which rises 10 stories above the arbutus and Douglas fir forest of British Columbia. Visitors ascend the walkway to enjoy 360-degree coastal mountain views of Canada and Washington State. Once at the top, thrill seekers can walk/bounce on an adventure net suspended partially across the center of the structure before having the option of returning to ground level via a spiral slide.

Adventure Net Engineering

McLaren provided evaluation of Incord Play, Inc.’s 390 x 520 inch pentagon-shaped net and connections. Our entertainment engineering team assessed facility reactions from the net to the support frame, ensuring its structural soundness and safety.

Vancouver, Canada
Year Completed
InCord, Ltd.

Photos Courtesy of Malahat SkyWalk Website