South Jersey Gas Headquarters Curtainwall Glass

South Jersey Gas has been delivering natural gas services for over 100 years to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the seven southernmost counties of New Jersey. The energy provider relocated their headquarters in 2018 as part of the Atlantic City Gateway Project, a $210 million public-private redevelopment initiative. The new utility hub consists of a 13-story concrete framed tower structure and 6-story podium. Six floors of office space sit atop of the 7 level Stockton University parking garage with ground level retail space. The glass curtainwall and metal panel facade features a distinctive inward slope design beginning at the fourth floor on the Northeast side.

Curtainwall Engineering

McLaren was brought on to provide design, fabrication, and installation of the curtainwall system for the South Jersey Gas office building design including the typical and sloped elements. Additionally, the team provided design and review of the glazing, aluminum panel, mullions, and connection details for the storefront system at the ground level.

The curtainwall system consists of insulated glass units (IGU), also referred to as double pane glass panels, supported on four sides by a custom unitized aluminum ­­mullion system. The mullions are anchored to the building’s concrete in a variety of ways including connection to the shear wall face using cast-in-place channel and top-of-slab connection with cast-in-place anchor plats and studs. Thermal and condensation analysis of both the typical system and the sloping glazed system was performed.

Storefront Glass

For the Stockton storefront glass portion of the project, McLaren’s competed structural design of the glazing, aluminum panels, mullions, and connections. Due to the building’s proximity to the Atlantic City shoreline and the light mass of the individual components of the system, the storefront was strategically analyzed for component and cladding wind loads.

Atlantic City, NJ
Year Completed
M. Cohen & Sons; Owner: South Jersey Gas

Image Credit for Image 1: Google Maps