1 Hotel Nashville Green Wall Netting

1Hotel Nashville and Embassy Suites, dual-branded hotel development welcomes guests with the largest exterior green wall in Tennessee. The flourishing ivy façade sustains over 56,000 individual plants via a catenary netting system which supports planter buckets with an irrigation system.

Catenary Green Wall Netting System

Working with AgroSci, McLaren provided structural engineering services for the attachment of the green wall netting via webbing loops screwed to the building facade. Our team performed calculations for the net rigging as well as provided facility impact loads of the netting on the supporting structure.


Besides creating an iconic aesthetic, Nashville’s first mission-driven sustainable luxury hotel’s verdant facade serves to capture CO2, absorbs airborne particulates, migrates heat from the sidewalks, and generates fresh oxygen.

Nashville, TN
Year Completed

Image Credit for Image 1: AgroSci; Image Credit for Images 2, 3 & 4: Google Maps