Springsteen On Broadway

Springsteen On Broadway

Metaphorically Tougher Than the Rest, Springsteen on Broadway ushers in the return of Theater to NYC! After the pandemic shuttered Broadway productions for 471 days, Springsteen is dancing out of the dark and right to center stage with a microphone, harmonica, piano, and his six string.

For Bruce‚Äôs intimate residency at the St. James Theatre, McLaren’s Entertainment Team provided structural engineering services on an expedited basis.

In a mere two weeks, McLaren conducted several site visits, evaluated front-of-house show trusses and speakers, assessed loads (rigging) on the supporting roof structure, and designed a new modular, reusable orchestra pit filler floor to support added rows of seats.

Springsteen on Broadway
St. James Theater
246 W 44th St, New York, NY
June 26th to September

Posted on: Jun. 30, 2021