Green Spaces – Design and Engineering Urban Landscapes

Green Spaces – Design and Engineering Urban Landscapes

Restoring nature and community to the built environment, the art of urban landscape design and engineering weaves neighborhoods, culture, and aesthetic elements into beautiful green spaces throughout the varied topographies of cities, maximizing community value.

From stormwater management to art and sculpture installations, bike paths and trails to play grounds, grading design to green infrastructure and everything in between, McLaren is helping lead the way in transforming urban green spaces around the country.

Our multidisciplinary team of civil, geotechnical, entertainment, and structural engineers work together with in-house landscape architects, permitters, and project managers to implement systematic site planning, design, and support for all types of urban green spaces, parks, green roofs, and public gathering places.

Landscape Design Support

Green SpacesBridging the space between landscape architecture and engineering, our team has been providing innovative and unique greenspace support across the country.

McLaren’s approach combines a creative implementation of urban design, architecture, site geography, civil and structural engineering, environmental psychology, soil sciences, botany, and fine art.

Civil + Geotechnical for Green Spaces

Green SpacesOur civil and geotechnical engineers, environmental professionals, and permitting specialists work to develop site plans, land use designs, engineering support, and inspection services for projects of every size, shape, scope, and complexity.

In addition to technical expertise, we understand complex regulatory and environmental requirements to ensure project goals are met on time and within budget.

Art + Sculpture Installation

ARIZONA! – Public ArtworkMcLaren’s art and entertainment division has been turning larger-than-life concepts into stunning reality. The process of engineering in a creative space challenges our engineers and staff to push technical limits without compromising safety or aesthetics.

We redefine boundaries to provide advanced functionality, service and design—all while honoring our clients’ vision.
Our team has a reputation for designing, engineering, and installing art pieces, monuments, and sculptures across the country.

Green Roof Support

Music Venue Conversion - Brooklyn SteelMcLaren has been safely transforming rooftops around the country to feasibly create urban green spaces, farms, and community gathering places.

Developing and sustaining green spaces on rooftops requires an experienced team of structural, facade, and building envelope specialists to make it happen. Specializing in both extensive and intensive green roofs, our engineers are helping clients have a global impact with their community space.

Posted on: May. 21, 2021