Fun on the Field

Charity Softball Game
McLaren V. RCC

The dust has settled after an epic Engineer v. Contractor showdown on the diamond. We stepped up to the plate for a nail biting seven inning charity softball game against Railroad Construction Company, Inc.

We may have lost this game, but we are officially requesting a rematch next season!

Kudos to both teams for playing their hearts out and supporting their respective causes.

McLaren Engineering Group

Is a non-profit organization that connects isolated communities to education, health care, and economic opportunity. They do this by working alongside community members, industry partners, and governments to build trail bridges.​

Railroad Construction Company, Inc.

Is a foundation made up of family and friends of their hero, Timmy Klein, who died in the line of duty on April 24th, 2022. He was a man of courage, strength, and selflessness. They, as an organization, have vowed to keep Timmy’s memory and legacy alive by giving back to others.