ARIZONA! Majestic Outdoor Art Exhibit

McLaren worked with Scottsdale Arts to help engineer a large, outdoor art exhibit above the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, AZ. The display, created by Choi + Shine Architects, consists of hand-crocheted lace ribbons suspended in midair. McLaren provided structural and rigging engineering services and worked closely with the project architects, project rigger (Hannon Rigging & Production) and the owner to develop catenary and tensioned cable supports to suspend the “flowing, gravity defying” art exhibit. The firm engineered the design with sufficient strength and bracing to resist self-weight, rainwater and wind. The exhibit recently opened to the public.

“The movement of the wind and water through time has carved out a giant land art, the state of Arizona. No other place has such breathtaking and overwhelming natural beauty that continues to evolve. The project aims to capture this dynamic fluidity and continuity at a monumental scale, expressing the forces of creation as an underlying power of this place, a majestic artwork in itself, Arizona.” – Choi+Shine Architects

Posted on: Dec. 7, 2018