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Vintage - The Most Interactive Musical Revue

Gregory Charles Vintage - Le Qube Pier 97.jpg

McLaren provided structural engineering for a temporary structure for the world’s most interactive musical revue, Vintage Live, held at Pier 97 at Hudson River Park April 1st to May 2nd.

McLaren Engineered Cheyney University Planetarium Dome

Cheyney Structural Dome Shop Drawing.jpg

Spitz, Inc., a specialty dome design firm, retained McLaren for structural engineering services on the Cheyney University Dome project; a triple-shelled, aluminum and steel planetarium. The 17.67 meter dome consists of three (3) sections which include the exterior spherical cosmetic dome, the exterior weather tight - structural steel dome, and the interior projection dome. The first two (2) sections are exposed to the elements and are supported via the existing building with support provided around the perimeter of the structural dome’s base.

McLaren Helps Engineer the Infinity Machine

Cardiff Miller Art Inspection.JPG

The Infinity Machine, designed by artists George Bures Miller and Janet Cardiff, opened January 31st at the Byzantine Fresco Chapel on the Menil campus in Houston, Texas.

This unique exhibit features about 150 antique mirrors suspended by a rotating truss assembly engineered by McLaren. The trussing is 5 meters in diameter and the whole assembly weighs approximately 2,500 lbs. McLaren performed all of the engineering for the truss assembly that holds the mirrors and a custom U-joint interface with a rotor to relieve some fatigue load concerns.

McLaren Helped Conceive The Han Show Theater and Show Infrastructure

Han Theatre.jpg

This unique theater, designed by the late Mark Fisher of Stufish Entertainment Architects, was inspired by the iconic Chinese Red Lantern and built to host The Han Show. Collectively, the unique elements of show create a sensory experience like no other.

McLaren worked in conjunction with Theatre Projects Consultants to develop schematic designs for major, unique show elements and theater infrastructure, including:

World AIDS Day (Red) Concert Stage

World AIDS Day Concert Stage.jpg

McLaren provided engineering for the "World AIDS Day (Red)" performance on December 1, 2014. McLaren worked in conjunction with Tait Towers to develop a temporary stage that was rapidly deployed in the overnight hours in Times Square for a surprise free concert by U2 with Bruce Springsteen and Chris Martin providing the vocals. The stage assembly was built in large modules that offloaded from trucks, providing inherent ballast and support for the stage equipment and stage roof.