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On The Twentieth Century

Today Show On The Twentieth Century Backdrop  Frame.jpg

McLaren evaluated a framework for the musical comedy “On The Twentieth Century”; that will appear on the Today Show, tomorrow April 21st. The framework consists of pipe and aluminum box truss with ballast to brace the fabric backdrop. McLaren also provided a High-Wind Action Plan, and reviewed and redlined client drawings.

Jaguar Display in Flatiron Square


McLaren engineered the Jaguar and logo pedestal for Cigar Box Studio, displayed on March 31st in Flatiron Square in New York City. The “jaguar” is a steel framed spine with carved foam and hardcoat, which fastens to a receiver on the plinth. The plinth is an 8’-0” tall steel framed box clad in MDO, which connects to a 3’-0” x 12’-6” steel base plate. The box contains ballast as needed to stabilize the assembly. The assembly was engineered to require disassembly in the event wind speeds are forecast to exceed 55 mph.

Vintage - The Most Interactive Musical Revue

Gregory Charles Vintage - Le Qube Pier 97.jpg

McLaren provided structural engineering for a temporary structure for the world’s most interactive musical revue, Vintage Live, held at Pier 97 at Hudson River Park April 1st to May 2nd.

McLaren Engineered Cheyney University Planetarium Dome

Cheyney Structural Dome Shop Drawing.jpg

Spitz, Inc., a specialty dome design firm, retained McLaren for structural engineering services on the Cheyney University Dome project; a triple-shelled, aluminum and steel planetarium. The 17.67 meter dome consists of three (3) sections which include the exterior spherical cosmetic dome, the exterior weather tight - structural steel dome, and the interior projection dome. The first two (2) sections are exposed to the elements and are supported via the existing building with support provided around the perimeter of the structural dome’s base.

McLaren Helps Engineer the Infinity Machine

Cardiff Miller Art Inspection.JPG

The Infinity Machine, designed by artists George Bures Miller and Janet Cardiff, opened January 31st at the Byzantine Fresco Chapel on the Menil campus in Houston, Texas.

This unique exhibit features about 150 antique mirrors suspended by a rotating truss assembly engineered by McLaren. The trussing is 5 meters in diameter and the whole assembly weighs approximately 2,500 lbs. McLaren performed all of the engineering for the truss assembly that holds the mirrors and a custom U-joint interface with a rotor to relieve some fatigue load concerns.