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McLaren at the New York Wine & Food Festival

20' diameter by 30' tall Advertising Cylinder at the 2010 New York Wine & Food Festival

It'll be hard to miss the McLaren-engineering advertising cylinder at this weekend's third annual Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival.

The Cylinder, which is 20’ in diameter and 30’ in height, will feature various graphics coverings for the Festival, which will take place primarily in the City's Meatpacking District. It will be situated on a plaza at the corner of 14th St. and 9th Avenue. McLaren provided engineering services for its construction, including review and redline of structural details and a site visit to observe the completed installation.

"A Glittering Center" - the Treehouse at CityCenter

The Treehouse at CityCenter "Crystals"

SOURCE: Civil Engineering Magazine · PUBLISHED: July 2010 · AUTHOR: Robert L. Reid

Below is an excerpt from the full 12-page feature.

Considered the largest privately funded construction project in the nation, the new CityCenter development, in Las Vegas, was designed by a group of world-renowned architects and engineering firms, and this 'city within a city' has earned high marks for environmental stewardship. Constructed in just under four years, the nearly 18 millon sq. ft. development cost an estimated $8.5 billion.

McLaren assists with CTV's Olympic Broadcast Studio

CTV's broadcast studio at Whistler Resort.

McLaren Engineering Group is at the Winter Olympics.

SeaGlass Carousel Design a Stroke of Technical Mastery

The SeaGlass Carousel, Rendering Courtesy of WXY Architecture and Urban Design

SOURCE: Live Design Online · PUBLISHED: January 5, 2010 · AUTHOR: William B. Gorlin, P.E.

The SeaGlass Carousel at New York's Battery Conservancy challenged its designers to create an amusement park-style ride in an outdoor environment not especially conducive to the operation of such a ride. Welcoming the challenge as an opportunity for innovation, its engineers devised a unique ride structure whose design features showcase its ease of operation, reliability, safety and durability in its ocean-side setting.

Sea Glass Carousel: Designers Solve Challenge of All-Electric Ride Structure

Battery Park's SeaGlass Carousel

SOURCE: Entertainment Engineering · PUBLISHED: Volume 6, Issue 12 · AUTHOR: William B. Gorlin, P.E.

Designing a reliable carousel ride driven exclusively by electric power is a formidable undertaking. The challenge is multiplied when the ride structure is set in an outdoor, oceanside environment sensitive to temperature changes. The SeaGlass Carousel ride posed such a challenge, but its designing engineers were able to devise a solution that addressed the technical issues while, at the same time, illustrating the project’s theme as a vibrant celebration of marine life.