520 W. 28th Street – Stainless Steel Metal Panel System

Standout Features

520 W. 28th Street is a new 18-story luxury mixed-use building located in the heart of New York City, designed by world-renowned architect, Zaha Hadid. The sleek metallic exterior creates an original aesthetic for the building envelope. This unique appearance is created by a combination of distinctive stainless-steel fabrications, an aluminum-glazed curtainwall and storefront systems around the building.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

McLaren Engineering Group provided engineering services and design consultation for the development of the stainless-steel panels and connections to the building, as well as the design of the mullion connections. McLaren engineered the exterior panel slab anchorages, the various glass panels, the glass balustrade and its support shoes and rails, and the entrance canopy at the north storefront. McLaren coordinated the fabrication welding procedures review to provide a cleaner aesthetic on the finished panel, while maintaining the structural integrity of the welded seams.

McLaren performed detailed movement studies to verify the joint sizing and support conditions required to accommodate differential movement due to thermal effects, building sway, and both long and short-term slab deflections at the support locations. This detailed review was performed simultaneously with comprehensive coordination of the installation sequencing to ensure that the custom connection details were erectable within acceptable tolerance limits – while still behaving as necessary to accommodate the differential movements noted above. During construction, McLaren provided survey services in order to accurately locate the anchor points, allowing for early detection of significant discrepancies from the design conditions.

This project tied for ENR’s New York’s Best Residential/Hospitality Project in 2018.