Van Vorst – Jersey City Luxury Apartments

Standout Features

McLaren provided structural engineering design, special inspections, and construction support for the project for two of Jersey City, New Jersey’s finest luxury units, Quin and Lenox. The mixed-use residential buildings stand adjacent on the waterfront of downtown’s Paulus Hook neighborhood at 197 and 207 Van Vorst , Jersey City, NJ. Combined, the 15 story high-rises contain 408 residential units, 252 parking spaces and a generous amount of retail space spanning 14,542 square feet.

The McLaren Difference: Applied Ingenuity

Lenox, 207 Van Vort, integrates two distinct structure types, an innovative light gauge steel framing in a 11-story structure carried by a concrete transfer slab atop the 5-story concrete podium. This phase will include 254,000 square feet of residential space (255 rental units), 7,400 square feet of retail, and 9,700 square feet of amenity space, including a rooftop pool. The building offers five floors of automated parking, maximizing space and convenience for tenants. The building is supported by steel pipe bearing piles. McLaren also engineered the building to support the roof top pool.

Quinn, 197 Van Vorst, is a 16-story building containing 153 dwelling units, comprising of 181,000 square feet. The building also has amenity space which includes a roof top pool and fitness center. Unlike Phase 1, the entirety of the building structure is concrete. Using concrete for this project allowed the architect to change the alignment of the columns from floor to floor, and also provided relatively thin slabs between the floors.  McLaren also provided special inspections for concrete construction.

McLaren’s structural engineering solutions during the scope of the projects included:

  • Integration of two different structural systems to provide an efficient 16-story structure.
  • 10-Story tall LGMF structure design supported on a 3-foot thick concrete transfer slab.
  • Design of a concrete structure with split levels to accommodate the double story height of the automated parking system.
  • Design of a pile supported streetscape with three elevations between the buildings.
  • Design of cantilever transfer girders to allow building to step out of foundation footprint at the upper levels.
  • Design streetscape on a pile supported structure.