Water-Land Mobility Transport Presentationby Jed Tango at TrAM H2020 Conference

Maritime Planning

Water-Land Mobility Transport Presentation
at TrAM H2020 Project Conference

Waterfront cities across the world are realizing waterborne transport can play a central role in the urban mobility system and can help secure an efficient, low-emission ecosystem to meet climate targets.

Jed Tango Maritime Transportation Planner, is in Norway discussing New York City’s approach to water-land mobility challenges and solutions for sustainable user-oriented passenger transport at the TrAM H2020 Project Conference.

Offering insights into NYC’s ferry landing design and operations, he is part of an international panel which also includes urban mobility experts from the cities of Kiel, London, and Stavanger.

Jed’s expertise with the NYC Ferry project addresses maritime planning efforts from multiple angles. Having previously worked as Senior Associate, Asset Management for NYC Economic Development Corporation, he is now part of McLaren’s marine team which has been providing engineering consulting services for the development, investigation, planning, design, coordination, permitting, procurement, and construction administration for over a dozen of the City’s new ferry landings and the restoration of others.